Who we are

The SPIDIA4P consortium (2017-2021) was built by 19 highly experienced partners in international standardisation for in vitro diagnostics, coming from private industry including SMEs, public institutions and from one official European Standards Organisation, CEN, represented by DIN. The consortium involves partners from DE, UK, CH, SE, IT, AT, LU, FR, NE, SP. 

SPIDIA4P partners are European world-class leaders in their fields of activity, publishing in the best journals and inventing key products for the medical and scientific community, and they are key experts in European and international standardisation organisations’ processes (CEN and ISO), external quality assurance, quality management, ethics and regulatory demands.

SPIDIA4P has been coordinated by QIAGEN GmbH, Germany, a diagnostic and life science company, with extensive know how in pre-analytical and analytical procedures to gain molecular insights from clinical and biological samples. Sub-contractor ACIES supported the coordinator for effective project management and has long standing experience in research management, project and finance controlling as well as meeting organisation.

SPIDIA4P Partners at the Kick-Off Meeting in Hilden, Germany, January 31, 2017

3rd SPIDIA4P Consortium Meeting at the IBBL headquarters in Dudelange, Luxemburg, April 10-11, 2018

SPIDIA4P project partners at the 5th consortium meeting in Milano, Italy, November 20-21, 2019

The former SPIDIA consortium had involved 16 partners from 11 different European countries (DE, AT, IT, SE, CH, NO, DK, FR, CZ, BE and NE), all key experts in pre-analytical procedures. It consisted of 7 private research companies (including 4 SMEs and 3 pre-analytical diagnostic tool developers), and 8 public research organisations, including universities (molecular biologists, clinical chemists, spectroscopists, pathologists, etc.), hospitals, 3 biobanks, and 1 European Standards Organisation, CEN. SPIDIA was coordinated by QIAGEN GmbH.  

The SPIDIA team at his final meeting in Hilden 2013