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Get easy and free access to the recording of the BBMRI.Academy Live Educational Webinar
Frozen Tissue Collection and Biobanking - Application of standards to increase quality and reproducibility!"
from November 2022!

Free Webinar Recording

Webinar by Dr. Uwe Oelmueller, QIAGEN and SPIDIA4P Coordinator, on Nov. 5, 2020
QIAGEN Cancer Research Virtual Event
Cell-free DNA from biomarker research to personalized medicine
Standardized Preanalytics The key for reliable Diagnostics, Research and Biobanking

Webinar QIAGEN Cancer Research Event

Watch the recorded expert presentations about Quality Standards & IVD by SPIDIA4P project members Ulrike Schroeder, Prof. Kurt Zatloukal and Dr. Uwe Oelmueller, given at the LISAvienna Regulatory Conference for Medical products and In-vitro diagnostics in October 2020, organized by LISAvienna, und org

Videos and presentations LISAvienna Conference Oct. 2020

Presentation by Dr. Uwe Oelmueller, SPIDIA4P Coordinator, QIAGEN, at the
LISAvienna - Regulatory Conference for Medical products and IVD
October 21, 2020
Vienna, Austria
organized by LISAvienna and

Presentation Dr. Uwe Oelmueller

BBMRI-ERIC in cooperation with SPIDIA4P provides
an in-depth training on pre-analytical ISO standards relevant for
biomedial research and biobanking

This BBMRI-ERIC training and education programme is presented as a virtual training, split into 16 sessions in which the individual chapters of the standard are discussed. Renowned experts give comprehensive presentations on requirements, definitions and the practical application.

16 webinars from October 2020 - February 2021
pre-requisite for the participation is the possession of the relevant ISO standards

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Webinar from Dr. Daniel Groelz, Associate Director Scientific, at QIAGEN (in the QIAGEN Cancer Research Webinar series)
Successful biomarker profiling from FFPE samples – the tips and tricks series, Module 1
Pre-analytical considerations – standards and how to implement in your laboratory”
August 18, 2020
(free registration required)


Recorded Webinar Dr. Daniel Groelz

Webinar from Dr. Tomasz Krenz, Senior Scientist at QIAGEN (in the QIAGEN Cancer Research Webinar series)
"Pre-analytical considerations and workflow solutions for Liquid Biopsy"
July 10, 2020

Presentation and Video

Webinar held by SPIDIA4P partners IBBL and Andrea Wutte, BBMRI-ERIC at the
EATRIS webinar on "Quality and Reproducibility"

Session 4: Pre-analytical validation and quality systems in biobanking"
December 17, 2019
Presentation title Dr. Monica Marchese, IBBL: "Pre-analytical validation"
Presentation title Andrea Wutte, M.Sc., BBMRI-ERIC: "Quality systems in biobanking and biomedical research"


EATRIS webinar December 2019

Webinar held by Andrea Wutte, M.Sc., (BBMRI-ERIC) on quality management requirements and ISO 20387 for biobanking at a BBMRI.QM webinar, November 13, 2018 - free registration
Title: The NEW standards for biobanks, ISO 20387:2018

Recorded Webinar Andrea Wutte, M.Sc.

Webinar held by Prof. Karl-Friedrich Becker, Technical University of Munich, 
at the BBMRI.QM educational webinar series "ISO 20387:2018"- "Biotechnology - Biobanking - General Requirements for Biobanking", Nov. 2018 - free registration to recorded webinar
Title: European Technical Specifications for the pre-analytical phase become ISO International Standards: an Update

Recorded Webinar Prof. Karl-Friedrich Becker

Lecture: Enhance the reliability of diagnostics with the support of standards,
Dr. Uwe Oelmueller, Coordinator of  SPIDIA and SPIDIA4P
July 2018

In this video tutorial from AMBOSS, you get an overview of the most commonly used blood collection tubes,
available in English and in German
Video tutorial blood collection tubes in English
Video Tutorial Die Blutentnahmeröhrchen - auf Deutsch
Lecture by Dr. Serena Bonin, University of Trieste
Biomarkers in tissue

Loibner et al.
Protocol for HER2 FISH Using a Non-cross-linking, Formalin-free Tissue Fixative to Combine Advantages of Cryo-preservation and Formalin Fixation.
J. Vis. Exp. (130), e55885, doi:10.3791/55885 (2017).

Watch the Youtube video

Webinar "Tips and tricks for more accurate digital PCR"
in the context of a QIAGEN webinar
Prof. Mikael Kubista, TATAA Biocenter

Recorded Webinar Prof. Mikael Kubista

Video Tutorial 
"Histology: Embedding process"

by Goodwin University Online Studies on how to perform paraffin embedding of fixed tissue, one of the relevant pre-analytic workflow steps

Video tutorial