Take a look at these informative videos about and related to the SPIDIA and SPIDIA4P project!

Watch this youtube video, recorded on the 3rd day of the EU Knowledge Valorisation Week 2023, to learn more about the new
Code of Practice on Standardisation in European Research by the EU - moderated by
the 1st EU Chief Standardisation Officer Maive Rute!

(interview starts at 04:40 min)

Youtube: EU Code of Practice on Standardization

SPIDIA4P has received the Standard + Innovation Award by CEN and CENELEC for its important contribution of research
and innovation to standardization!

Watch the video recording of the virtual ceremony!

Video Award Ceremony Standard + Innovation Award 2021

Recorded presentation (German)
The importance of the quality of biospecimens to generate reliable and reproducible research data National Node Director and SPIDIA4P project member Prof. Kurt Zatloukal explains:

  • why the pre-analytical phase is relevant for reproducibility of data in research and in vitro diagnostics
  • ISO and CEN pre-analytics standards developed in the context of H2020 EU Project SPIDIA4P are needed and
  • how and its biobank partners can support researchers
Youtube Video Prof. Kurt Zatloukal

Get more information about the rsearch in Liquid Biopsies and the advantages for diagnostics and therapies for e.g. cancer patients in a very informative video by CBmed, Austria, stressing the importance of sample quality and standardized workflows

Video CBmed - A multi-analyte approach to Liquid Biopsy

Watch the recorded expert presentations about Quality Standards & IVD by SPIDIA4P project members Ulrike Schroeder, Prof. Kurt Zatloukal and Dr. Uwe Oelmueller, given at the LISAvienna Regulatory Conference for Medical products and In-vitro diagnostics, organized by LISAvienna, und org
October 21, 2020

Recorded presentations LISAvienna Conference (German)

Virtual Conference / Webinar
QIAGEN Cancer Research Virtual Event
Cell-free DNA from biomarker research to personalized medicine
Nov 5-6, 2020
Presentation by Dr. Uwe Oelmueller, QIAGEN and SPIDIA4P Coordinator, on Nov. 5, 2020
Standardized Preanalytics The key for reliable Diagnostics, Research and Biobanking

Video recording of webinar

Webinar from Dr. Tomasz Krenz, Senior Scientist at QIAGEN (in the QIAGEN Cancer Research Webinar series)
"Pre-analytical considerations and workflow solutions for Liquid Biopsy"
July 10, 2020

Video recording of webinar

Very interesting crisp video (2 min.) by CEN & CENELEC, the European standardization organisations, about the connection between innovation and standards - have a look!

CEN & CENELEC "Standards + Innovation"

Very interesting video about the background and aims of our collaborative consortium
Members of SPIDIA4P are part of the EU-STANDS4PM consortium and are supporting the development of relevant standards for in silico approaches in personalised medicine.

Take a look!

Background and aims EU-STANDS4PM

Interesting short TV report that emphasizes the importance of standardized workflows for blood draws and blood samples in labs to get reliable and consistent results in order to make the right diagnosis and effective treatment - in German only

German television - Missstand bei Bluttests

Lecture: Enhance the reliability of diagnostics with the support of standards,
Dr. Uwe Oelmueller, Coordinator of  SPIDIA and SPIDIA4P

Video Lecture

Conference: Boost your innovation through standards - CEN and CENELEC
This quick recap of the conference's highlights, with testimonials from our speakers, researchers
and entrepreneurs sums up how standards lead to innovation - enjoy!

Boost your innovation through standards

Interview with Dr. Uwe Oelmueller, coordinator of SPIDIA and SPIDIA4P, about the background of the projects and the necessity of standards for the pre-analytical phase

Dr. Uwe Oelmueller - Standards für die Prä-Analytik - German only

Discussing standards with SPIDIA4P at the EU Parliament

Video: SPIDIA4P at the EU Parliament - March 5, 2019