NOVAMEN is a French SME and advises and assists players in Research and Innovation in the promotion of their projects at economic, scientific and society level.

NOVAMEN provides a unique combination of multidisciplinary skills in scientific, technological, economic, financial, marketing, fiscal, legal and managerial fields. On the basis of an innovative management system and in-depth knowledge of the elements at stake and the major players in Research, NOVAMEN's skills are deployed via two activities:
i) Management of research networks and projects and
ii) Financing of Research and Innovation. NOVAMEN’ s areas of intervention are the following: FPRTD (Networks of Excellence, Collaborative Projects, etc.), Eureka, OSEO ANVAR, AII (Agency for Industrial Innovation), ANR (National Research Agency), FCE (Company Competitiveness Fund), competitive clusters

69 rue de la République
69002 LYON