QIAGEN is the leading global provider of Sample-to-Insight solutions to transform clinical and biological samples into valuable molecular insights. The company’s portfolio consists of more than 500 core products, which can be classified into three categories: Consumables, Instruments, Bioinformatics. Consumables include ready-to-use reagent kits and components for a broad range of applications from the collection, preservation and processing of samples up to analytical tests for detecting various molecular targets such as DNA or RNA by e.g. PCR and NGS. Instruments include individual instruments, as well as combined platforms for automation of laboratory workflows. Bioinformatics include software solutions and knowledge bases for processing large volumes of complex biological data, interpreting the information and reporting relevant, actionable insights. The products are commercialised into Molecular Diagnostics (50% of revenues), Academic Research (22%), Pharma Industry (20%), and Applied Testing (9%) such as forensics.

QIAGEN is a member of various organisations including EDMA, MedTech Europe and the Personalized Medicine Coalition. The company has more than 4,600 employees worldwide in more than 25 countries.

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